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flagship beers

Kentucky Common

Also known as the dark cream common, this beer features a grainy sweetness with subtle notes of carmel and chocolate. Our pre-prohibition style dark amber ale is one of the lesser known true American classics.


California Common

Fermented at warmer temperatures with lager yeast, this hybrid American amber beer showcases a mild fruity aroma, balanced with the unique woody and minty hop notes that are the signature to this style.


Cream Ale

A result of European brewing techniques and American ingredients available to our brewing ancestors, our cream ale is brewed with both American and German ingredients to pay tribute to the past. The combination make an easy drinking beer with historic flavor.



A dark and complex malty ale, our classic porter is  brewed with specialty malts that showcase hints of sweet dark chocolate and roasted coffee, resolving in a moderately dry finish.


Old and in the way

A traditional German pilsner inspired by beer that was heavily influenced by prohibition and World War II. Brewed with high-quality ingredients, our American lager is light, crisp, and invites you to take another drink.


Centennial American IPA

Influenced by an English export beer, this modern American ale is of higher strength and bitterness. Our IPA features pine, floral, and citrus notes that are the signature of centennial, an American hop variety.




Tropical Stout

This beer style was named for the destination; tropical stouts were brewed with higher-than-normal ABVs to help them survive long boat trips to the tropics. Our Redemption Tropical Stout is an unfiltered, bottle conditioned take on this classic style, with a bourbon barrel-aged Kentucky twist. Only 296 of these bottles were produced; available for a limited time.

flagship beers
speciality beers

seasonal beers

Strong Ales, milds, saisons, and reds, our seasonal tap list is where you'll find our rotating cast of interesting characters.

seasonal beers

beer to go

Take any of our Sawstone beers home with you. We offer any of our Sawstone beers in 32oz crowlers or 64 oz growlers, filled to order.


Growlers are a microbrewery tradition. Purchase your own 64oz glass growler, fill it with any of our beers and the growler is yours to keep. Bring your growler back (we'll sanitize it) and refill it again, or take it to any other microbrewery and get it filled there.

beer to go
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